Good to meet you & hf.

**** PLZ! report issues @ [email protected]. ****

Add this server to favourites typing this link on TM Nations/United browser: tmtp://#join=rndservertm

This is a spare time just for fun maintained server, keep it in mind. If something like music, records, etc. is broken, Probably I will not notice in few days or maybe I couldnt have time to fix it.

Reporting issues will reduce the downtime for sure: [email protected]

    Karma: Vote if you like or dislike tm tracks! Tracks who got local negative karma will be deleted at some point.

    Music: Also, some new music will be added time to time. If you like it… I have a music player for you on next link   You can hear the same songs of the server where you want.

    Use the report form,  mail me or PM if you want to add some specific tracks, music (or gain OP capabilities… as we keep little ammount of people).


    Hope all works fine.GG.

    Random Player TM Cool Weird Music Server



    • ¿Broken song? Gigi Dagostino – The riddle
    • How to get best karma tracks?



    16-11-21 – Having Fun.

    • Added new operators, pease to meet you, Pizza
    • Added new Admin, master Hara is on fire.
    • Work Pals Championship #2 took place last weekend with absolute noobness and joy.

    02-11-21 – Halloween Update Extra!

    01-11-21 – Halloween Update Pt.2

    • New karma system: Mania-Karma
    • Added new operators: gerdirk1 & nina15184. Wellcome and HF!

    30-10-21 – Halloween Update

    • Cleaned negative karma tracks.
    • Updated some server messages whit de objective of get notified if error happens.
    • Added +100 new tracks
    • Added + 40 new songs