Good to meet you & hf.
**** PLZ! report issues @ [email protected]. ****
Add this server to favourites typing this link on TM Nations/United browser: tmtp://#join=rndservertm
This is a spare time just for fun maintained server, keep it in mind. If something like music, recordsow whatever is broken, probably I will not notice in few days or maybe I see but have not time to fix it. Anyway reporting issues will reduce the downtime for sure: [email protected]

You can report errors in the message box below.

About Karma: I’m sure that check other peoples tastes about tracks will improve the enjoyment and can lead to learn new interesting things, and discover new good tracks. In other hand, the tracks who got negative karma will be deleted at some point.
About Music: I love music, every style has some delightfull pieces, so weird shit. My mind is on take a bit of everything and mix randomly. New music will be added time to time, everyone can suggest if they wany.
If you want to hear the music out of the game… You can find an online music player with all the songs at
Hope all works fine.GG.
Random Player TM Cool Weird Music Server


  • Server music seems fail, some songs don’t play.
  • How to get best karma tracks?
  • Sudoers: check allow tmf services management to TMF user (/etc/sudoers.d/tmf)
  • Check if restructuration of song file hierachy into /by genre/by author structure could work with current scripts, also check mp3 type, not only ogg.


    14-05-22 – Añadir pistas nuevas pistas de «Tribe of Bugs»

    Estoy cogiendo prestadas algunas pistas del server «Tribe of Bugs» que son una pasada para la práctica de los buggasos que aún hacen más grande el juego. Hoy 4 nuevas:

    Grass Slide #7.Challenge.Gbx
    Hater`lol 41.Challenge.Gbx
    Hater`lol 45.Challenge.Gbx
    Hater`lol 46.Challenge.Gbx

    21-04-22 – Spring Update 2

    Añadidos más circuitos tipo bug.

    He arreglado la música,se ha cambiado del sistema de descarga P2P a alojarse dentro del GameData de trackmania. Ha mejorado bastante.

    Algunas canciones aún parece no escucharse. También probé MP3 sin éxito. Intentaré una próxima vez.

    Cambio de nombre del servidor, era un poco largo. Pasa a ser RnD Tracks Forever.

    05-04-22 – Spring Update

    Added 6 tracks downloaded from «Freezone|Tribe of Bugs» server. Hope add more tracks soon and check deeper this kind of racing.

    Mas información

    16-01-22 – First of the year.

    This update brings no change on TMF server, just in the way it is managed. Updates in TMF are in progress but still pending.

    • Added new to easy management of TMF and xAseco servers (tmf-rnd.service and tmf-rnd-xaseco.service)
    • Set up services as default, so TMF and xAseco will autostart on reboots.
    • Set up restart on failure, so it is suposed that, if server crashes, it will start againt with no interaction.
    • Added but not working: sudores access to manage tmf-* services
      • Services file location:
        • /etc/systemd/system/tmf-rnd.service
        • /etc/systemd/system/tmf-rnd-xaseco.service
    • xaseco database was cloned and switched to c1_xaseco, which is included into automatic backup system.

    13-12-21 – December Update III.

    • Disabled plugin «msglog». It is just an few seconds horrible rectangle with repeated karma info…
    • Granda gets admin rights.

    11-12-21 – December Update II.

    • Added 2 new tracks. I’m produd to say that I upload my first self made tracks. Really I can’t say that this is fully tracks because it is only a practice scenario where I tried to bugslide. I will keep this in good memories because they are the first I made, and fist time I opened the editor to make by myself something I needed and I wanted, also could see the big possibilities the editor have.

    06-12-21 – December Update I.

    • Added lot of Willigamer and TroyanJoe nascar style maps.
    • Added some new songs.

    16-11-21 – Having Fun.

    • Added new operators, pease to meet you, Pizza
    • Added new Admin, master Hara is on fire.
    • Work Pals Championship #2 took place last weekend with absolute noobness and joy.

    02-11-21 – Halloween Update Extra!

    01-11-21 – Halloween Update Pt.2

    • New karma system: Mania-Karma
    • Added new operators: gerdirk1 & nina15184. Wellcome and HF!

    30-10-21 – Halloween Update

    • Cleaned negative karma tracks.
    • Updated some server messages whit de objective of get notified if error happens.
    • Added +100 new tracks
    • Added + 40 new songs