This post follow instructions of official Xaseco Guide to run Trackmania Dedicated Server fot Tackmania Nations and Trackmania United fixing errors found in setup process. Also skip some steps and fixs an error advice.

Check the links:

I made a git repo with fixed Xaseco code (quicky explains in this post) here:

Xaseco guide is divided in two sections: First one is Trackmania service installation who runs like a charm, second one is Xaseco system which is buged at some poinst, specially with php 7 versions.


Install Xaseco 1.16 service

This is a shortened copypaste from official instructions with my modifications. The idea is to check read official instructions, compare with whis instrucions and apply this modificacions. It should run fine. If you get any trouble, you can contact me at bottom contacto form and I will try to help. 

1 – Create the XASECO database in MySQL (default «aseco» but any other name is okay too) – OK

2 – Login as (or switch to) user «tmf» so that all files created down the road receive the correct ownership and permissions. – OK

3 – Download and unzip XASECO (latest version) into the «/home/tmf/»..

Download modified files at:

4 – Setting up the database tables in MySQL is done automatically the first time XASECO runs, but … OK

5 – Edit xaseco/localdatabase.xml: … OK

6 – Edit xaseco/config.xml: … OK, but we have a modificacion here: Version is modified to avoid old Steam client error. Also moved installation filles to right location.



7 – Edit xaseco/adminops.xml … OK

8 – Edit xaseco/dedimania.xml … OK

9 – Start the XASECO system … Must be OK, but let’s see fixed errors

Fixed Errors:

#1: Bad Script Path Error at

#Fix: cd /home/tmn/xaseco

cd ~/xaseco

#2: PHP deprecated library:

– is a function name mapper made between this libraries. I do not have link of the guy who made it, but greetings to him.

– Modify aseco.php includes:


* Modernizer FIX



#3: XML Parser Error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/tmf/xaseco2-fork/includes/

/*Fix: Need type declared at this point*/


$this->struct[$to] = [];

#4: Fix function mysql_insert_id bad parameter declaration

if (!function_exists(‘mysql_insert_id’)) {


* Fix:DMM Error, no siempre se recibe parametro

* function mysql_insert_id($res){


function mysql_insert_id($res = null){

global $_db;

return mysqli_insert_id(is_null($res) ? $_db->conn : $res);



Thats all, is should run… Hope.. GG & HF

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